Below are a compiled list of questions I get asked frequently. Hopefully it help answer some questions you may have.











What is required to book my wedding date?

To book your wedding date, a signed contract along with a non-refundable retainer fee of $700 is required which will be deducted from your total package cost. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding. Bookings are on a first come/first served basis.

How far should we book in advance?

Typically 6-12 months in advance. Bookings are on a first come/first served basis so book as soon as you have a date and venue.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and check.

If we had to change the date of our wedding, will we be able to use our deposit towards the new date?

Yes, providing that I am available on the new date.


Will you go over our wedding timeline with us?

Yes! Two weeks before the wedding we will do a phone consultation to go over your wedding timeline and firm up the logistics of the day. Things to keep in mind when planning your timeline is setting aside time for photos. The amount of time I suggest you set aside for photos depends on your wedding package. Please allow a buffer of time for traveling to different locations. If your wedding requires you driving to a few locations, plan accordingly. Below is a break down for a full day wedding.

Preparation Shots – Duration: 1.5 hours

Normally for the first 35 minutes, I will be photographing all the details. That includes your dress, shoes, invitation, bouquet, engagement ring, garter, veil, jewelries, etc. Intermingle in that 30 minutes I will also grab on the fly candid photos of you and your bridesmaids getting hair and make up done. A bride should have hair and makeup done first, not last, along with whoever is helping her to get ready. The next 15-20 minutes is spent photographing the bride getting ready. I will take photos of her putting on shoes, garter, veil, jewelry, etc. After I photograph the bride getting dressed, I spend about 15 minutes photographing the bride alone. If the bride is late or finished last, these images are sacrificed and I cannot tell you how many brides are disappointed since they do not have images like these from their wedding. I'll end the morning prep with photos of bride with her bridesmaids and family.

45 minutes for the groom prep is sufficient.

Bride & Groom Session – Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hours

I highly suggest doing this before the ceremony in conjunction with a “first look.” That way you can enjoy cocktail and the rest of your day without having to worry about taking too much time out for photos. Also, this is when the makeup and hairdos are freshest.

Bridal Party Session – Duration: 30 minutes to 45 minutes

This is normally a very fun session. I'll start off photographing the bride separately with each of her girls and the same for the guys. We will then move into shooting a variety of fun group shots.

Family Formals – Duration: 45 minutes

Have a “must shoot” list of important family members and relatives that you want photos with. Typically this is done at the altar but we can do it any location you'd like. Also, have two extremely organized individuals (one person from each side of the family) to help rally and usher people in and out of photos.


If we run overtime, will you stay longer? And how much do you charge for overtime?

Yes, if I am available. At your request, I will stay with your approval that I continue coverage. I charged $275 for every additional hour beyond the contracted end time. It will be billed after the wedding.

I have a lot of downtime in between events on my wedding day. Will I be charged for that downtime?

I've dedicated the entire day to your wedding, so my team and I won't be racing off to photograph other events that day. For a variety of reasons, we have to charge for the time in between events. We are never truly resting during the day, whether we're backing up images, setting up lighting for the second venue, traveling to the second location, taking venue and detail shots, or making up for lost photo time because of wedding day delays. We use “downtime” to also take you and your significant other out for a photo session or more family portraits.

Can my friends or relatives also take pictures?

Yes, your friends and family are more than welcome to take photos as long as they don't get in the way. More often I will work around them to capture what I need. There will be times where I specifically need everyone's attention on me. Nothing messes up family pictures more than everyone's eyes looking off at different directions because of all the cameras around.


Is a 2nd Photographer included in the package? What if I don't want a 2nd Photographer?

It is mandatory that if your guest list exceeds 100 people, a 2nd photographer must be included at an additional cost to the package. The fee to add a 2nd photographer is $500.

Having a 2nd photographer is very invaluable on a wedding day. While I'm focusing on getting the “Must Haves” shots, the 2nd photographer is focusing more on candid photos and special moments. If the wedding were to run late, I can send in my 2nd photographer to get details and cocktail photos while I work with the bride and groom. In that way we divide and conquer and get all the shots we need to fully showcase your wedding. The 2nd photographer offers a different but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day.

In case of an unforeseen emergency, a 2nd photographer can become the main shooter if something were to happen to me during the day.

What's the difference between an assistant and a 2nd photographer?

A second shooter is a photographer that is hired to work alongside the main photographer for a particular event. They are skilled professionals, just like me. An assistant, on the other hand, is not necessarily a photographer – it is a beginner who is looking to gain experience. They are there to assist the main photographer in carrying their gear and perform simple tasks like holding lights, reflectors, downloading pictures, helping with setups, etc.


How many pictures will I get?

There is no limit to the amount of pictures. Most often, the total depends on the number of guests, hours of coverage, and type of events. I take as many as needed to fully document your wedding story. Generally, for an 8 hours wedding, approximately 600-800 digital images are delivered.

Will I receive all the digital images after the wedding?

Yes. Digital images in JPEG format are included in all packages. For larger weddings, a DVD or thumb drives may be provided.

Do we get to keep the negatives?

The selected and edited high-resolution digital files are delivered to you. They are your pictures and you can choose what you want to do with them. The copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, blog, website, etc belongs to Kay Lim Photography.

Can I get the RAW pictures?

No, every image delivered is a final product by Kay Lim Photography.

Are my photos retouched?

Yes, every image is digitally retouched. Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time, to look as best as possible.

What is your turnaround time for wedding pictures after the wedding?

An online gallery is posted within six weeks from the wedding date. High-resolution digital files or a DVD of the images are available seven weeks after the wedding.

How can my friends and family see the wedding photos?

Six weeks after the wedding day, I will post the photos onto an online gallery at Your friends and family can view these photos with a password (provided only to you).


How does the album design process work?

Shortly after the images are hosted online, you choose the photos that you want to go into your wedding album. You do get to preview the design and make changes until you are happy and we finalized it. Once you approve the layout, I will help you choose the album’s cover style, color, imprinting, and leather materials. Then you'll sign off on the album and it will go to print. Album production time takes one month. The album can be picked up or delivered to your house.

What if we don't like our album after we received it?

It is nearly impossible to not love your album. You choose all of the photos designed into the album. You choose the leather material(s) for the cover. Each revision to the album design layout had to be approved by you. Unless the album is delivered to you damaged (which it won't because I will do quality check first!), it is nearly impossible for you to not love your album.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! Although, I mainly shoot all over Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City, I've also shot wedding in further states such as Hawai'i, Michigan and Maryland. If the wedding is not based in Philadelphia or the surround New Jersey/Delaware area, travel fees are very simple - transportation (flight and/or rental car, parking) and lodging will be covered by the client.

Do you charge travel fees for events such as Engagement, Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Family Photos, Maternity, and Newborn session done outside of Philadelphia?

If the event is within 60 miles round trip to Philadelphia, there is no travel fees. All miles in excess of 60 miles round trip is charged at $1 per mile in addition to parking fees.


Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes, engagement sessions are mainly done during the weekdays due to a heavy weekend wedding schedule. It is purchased separately from the wedding package.

Can we bring props to our engagement session?

Absolutely. The more creative the better!

When and where can I view the images?

Three weeks after the engagement shoot, I will post the photos onto an online gallery at Your friends and family can view these photos with a password (provided only to you).


Do you shoot video?

No, I do not shoot video. I can however recommend some great videographers that I’ve work with on weddings to you.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All events are photographed with professional Canon equipment and multiple backups are always present. A variety of lenses are used to capture your special day.

Can I see a full event from start to finish?

Of course you may! Let me know during the consultation and I’ll have some available for you to preview.

I have to cancel my wedding. Can I have my retainer back?

No, unfortunately the retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I will hold the date exclusively for you and once you've signed the contract, I turn down all other commissions for that date.

What other life events do you shoot besides weddings?

I specialized in shooting weddings but also do a number of events each year including Engagements, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Family Photo Sessions, Maternity Shoots, and Newborn Photos.

My venue requires photographers to have proof of insurance, do you have any?

Yes. I can provide proof of insurance to the venue.